Get Involved! by educating seniors, assisting fellow attorneys

Issue March 2004

Elder Law Education Program - Speakers needed!

This May, in celebration of Law Day, MBA members throughout the state volunteer their time to speak at their local senior center or council on aging on various elder-legal topics.

This year's topics are: Elder Law Essentials and Recent Developments in Medicaid.

Mentor Program: Assist fellow attorneys

The MBA Mentor Program is looking for attorneys who are willing to volunteer a small amount of time to assist fellow attorneys. It is a perfect opportunity to share your knowledge of specific areas of law with new practitioners.

The Mentor Program is an excellent learning tool and resource for mentees, as well as a great way to network with other attorneys. To participate in the mentoring telephone program, you must have practiced law for more than seven years and have agreed to voluntarily advise other MBA members on areas of law within your realm of experience. The topics chosen by MBA mentors constitute 50 percent or more of their practice.

Additionally, the MBA offers a Mentor Roundtable Program for new attorneys to meet with more experienced members of the profession several times during the year. These roundtables bring mentors and mentees with similar areas of practice together in a group environment, thereby providing a great forum for learning and networking. The MBA is always looking for new mentors for both the telephone service and the roundtable program. We encourage you to volunteer as a mentor.

Display informative client service pamphlets

The MBA publishes pamphlets explaining the basic legal issues surrounding common situations that your clients may face, such as buying a house or drafting a will. Displayed in your office reception area, the pamphlets are an enhancement to communication and client service.