MBA welcomes new members

Issue February 2006

Jagruti Acharya

Jonathan A. Arms of DEC-TAM Corp.

Thomas J. Arria of Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds PC

Tyree P. Ayers

Michael E. Balletto

Kiley M. Belliveau of Campbell Campbell Edwards & Conroy

Mark D. Bello of Epstein & Co. LLP

Aagot Berg of Berg Law Offices

Sean Bernard of Law Offices of Sean Bernard

Thomas S. Blackburn of Private Bank at Bank of America

Stephen J. Blinn of Harvard University

Kristen F. Bonavita of Ernst & Young

Krietta K. Bowens of Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo PC

James H. Budreau of Oteri Weinberg & Lawson

Jennifer C. Capone of Law Office of Jennifer C. Capone

Nicole T. Charleson

Mary Chen of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Michelle P. Chisholm of Law Offices of Patrick Francomano

Valerie Christophilos of Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford LLP

Deanne Chrystal

Robert P. Ciavola of Wyeth Research

Arthur C. Cooke

Joseph J. Coppola of Law Office of Joseph J. Coppola

Stacey A. Curley of McManus, Norton & MacNamee PC

Gaston de los Reyes of Bulkley Richardson & Gelinas LLP

Richard J. DeFelice of Richard J. DeFelice

Vincent A. DeSalvo of Law Office of Vincent A. DeSalvo

Colleen M. Dwyer of Sun Life Financial Services

Holly R. Dyar

William J. Edwards of Dufresne-Henry Inc.

Susana E. Faria Ponte of Susana Faria Ponte, Esq.

Theresa Finn Dever of Riley & Dever PC

Collin B. Fitzpatrick

Douglas F. Fries of KPMG LLP

Matthew J. Fucci of Ropes & Gray LLP

Alyson Allen of Ropes & Gray LLP

Jessica A. Glick of Gelb & Gelb

Daniel M. Goldman of Goldman Law Offices

Philip J. Gordon of Gordon and Balikian LLP

James D. Henderson of Jager Smith PC

William J. Hernon III of William J. Hernon III, Attorney at Law

Don M. Hodgdon

Robert J. Hoffer

Brian T. Hourihan

Dayna M. Hutchins of Holland & Knight LLP

James M. Ianiri of Law Office of James M. Ianiri

Ellen M. Jernigan of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers

Joseph D. Kropp of Gilmore Rees Carlson & Cataldo PC

Sonia J. Kwon of Lynch Brewer Hoffman & Fink LLP

Brian B. Kydd of Kneeland & Kydd

Darren J. Lanza of Ellis Law Offices LLP

Marc L. Laplante

Julia K. Lentini

Stephen M. Linsky of Stephen M. Linsky, Attorney at Law

Lisa C. Long

Loretta M. Mach of Aaronson & Lucido PC

Katherine R. Maguire of Gilmore Rees Carlson & Cataldo PC

Raymond A. Mansolillo of Raymond Mansolillo, Esq

Dickens Mathieu of Tufts University

L.C. McClinton

Bryan McEntee

Charles E. McRobbie III of Law Offices of Charles E. McRobbie III

Alan F. Medeiros of Brennan Medeiros & Brennan

Linda M. Miller

James Moriarty Jr.

Timothy P. Morrison of Lavelle & Finn LLP

Colleen M. Nevin of Adler Pollock & Sheehan PC

Nicole L. Newman of Penn Hill Publications Inc.

Matthew W. Nowick

Elizabeth F. O'Boyle of Cronin & Bisson PC

Francis S. Oleskiewicz of Law office of Francis Oleskiewicz

Susan M. Olms of Law Offices of Susan M. Olms

Patricia A. Oney of Massachusetts Dept. of Mental Retardation

Jason A. Panos of Brecher Wyner Simons & Bolan LLP

Kristy M. Phillips of U.S. Dept. of Labor

James Pingeon of MCLS

Nicholas J. Plante of Ferguson Law Office

Anne C. Pogue of Superior Court of Massachusetts

Michael A. Powers of Thomson Corp.

Peter J. Radulski of Davis White & Sullivan LLC

James E. Riley Jr. of James E. Riley Jr., Attorney at Law

Glenn P. Ringbloom

Brian J. Ritucci of Law Office of Brian J. Ritucci

David J. Rock of Joseph D. Bernard PC

Pierre C. Rumpf

Orna Safer

Erik D. Scheinfeldt of Law Office of Dennis E. McHugh

David G. Schwartz of Linder & Associates PC

Nancy Loy Scott

Jeffrey T. Scrimo of Law Offices of Jeffrey T. Scrimo

Maya Sethi of Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford LLP

Patrice M. Sheridan

Susan A. Simone of Greenberg Traurig LLP

Denise F. Sipple

Scott Smith of Kirkpatrick, Lockhart, Nicholson & Graham

William H. Solomon of William H. Solomon, Attorney

Stanley J. Spero of S.J. Spero & Associates

Thomas S. Sroczyk Sr. of Attorney Thomas Sroczyk

Courtney C. Stabnick of Gibson & Behman PC

Matthew F. Stauff

Mark D. Stern

Michael G. Strapp

Richard Strauss

Michael P. Sugrue of Goodwin Procter LLP

Marc J. Tassone of Davis White & Sullivan LLC

Patrick T. Taverna of Altman & Citron

William F. Thompson of Meltzer Law Office

Gerald P. Tishler of Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels LLP

Elissa M. Torto of Massachusetts Trial Court

Richard V. Troy of Law Offices of Richard V. Troy

Suzana Urukalo of Ragab & Associates LLC

Hermine Valizadeh

Douglas A. Van Winkle of Neon Communications Inc.

Sarah Waelchli of Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, Nicholson, Graham LLP

Richard S. Warmington

Neil D. Warrenbrand of Law Offices of Neil D. Warrenbrand

Raylene M. Wentz-Fischer of Wentz Law Office

Stephen K. Withers Jr. of Coogan, Smith, McGahan, Lorincz, Jacobi & Shanley LLP

Jeffrey E. Wolfgang

Michael W. Woo

Timothy G. Woodward of United General Title Insurance Company

Carl J. Woodworth

Joan A. Wysolmierski

Julia Ybarra of Gallagher & Associates

Timothy M. Zabbo of Rhode Island Supreme Court Law Clerk Pool