Issue January 2006

New Executive Director Wellington brings depth of experience to MBA

Marilyn J. Wellington, the Massachusetts Bar Association's new executive director, has been an adjunct professor, legal counsel for a state office and chief of staff for the Trial Court Department. She even taught music to students in grades kindergarten through eight before embarking on her legal career.

But it was her last job, evaluating courts nationwide as a management consultant in Denver, that put the finishing touch on the skill set she thinks will help her run the MBA. As a management consultant for the National Center for State Courts, she traveled across the country evaluating courts and recommending changes.

The practical realities of Melanie’s Law

Legislation to increase public safety in the wake of tragedy is not new. Transportation safety laws were enacted after 9/11; worker and fire safety laws were enacted after the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire; over-the-counter medicines were repackaged to include safety seals after the Tylenol poisonings.