MBA welcomes new members

Issue May 2006

Stephen Abany of Quincy District Court
Jeoung H. An
Jacqueline R. Atwaters
Donna J. Bentley
Robert K. Blaisdell of Donohue, Barrett & Singal PC
Alison L. Booth Maio of Bingham McCutchen LLP
Alan E. Brown
Amy B. Cain of Amy B. Cain, Attorney at Law
Matthew E. Callis
Diane J. Capozzoli of the Law Office of Diane J. Capozzoli
William M. Casey of the Boston Police Department
Brian L. Champion of Verrill & Dana LLP
Sara E. Clothier
Elizabeth L. Comproni of Elizabeth L. Comproni, Attorney at Law
Elizabeth M. Connelly
Carmel A. Craig of Carmel A. Craig, Attorney at Law
Victoria A. Crawshaw of Morrison & Mahoney LLP
Sarah Elizabeth Curi of the Massachusetts Medical Society
Christopher D. Deorocki of the Law Office of Christopher D. Deorocki
Paul M. DePalo of Campbell, Campbell, Edwards & Conroy PC
Christine Ann DiSaia
Matthew L. Fabisch
Ann-Margaret Ferrante
Ellyn I. Fishkin
Paul A. Fleck
John A. Froio of Community Legal Services & Counseling Center
Michael W. Gallagher of Gallagher & Cavanaugh LLP
Eitan Y. Goldberg of the Essex County District Attorney's Office
Kenneth I. Gordon of Gordon Law Office
Jonathan Goulding of Schmitt, Dillon & Smilie
Lisa M. Green
Michelle L. Grossfield
David R. Hagemeyer of David R. Hagemeyer, Attorney at Law
Edmund Minsoo Han of Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, Nicholson, Graham LLP
Joseph P. Harrington Sr. of the Law Office of Joseph P. Harrington PC
Stephen P. Harten of Ratcliff, Burke, Harten & Elias LLP
Lane E. Hermann of the Law Office of Michael Sacco
Jennifer Lee Holden of Bingham McCutchen LLP
Donald H. Jackson Jr. of the Law Office of Donald H. Jackson Jr., PC
Phillip George Jordan of Bingham McCutchen LLP
Gary S. Katzmann of Appeals Court
Hannah K. Kiernan of Todd & Weld LLP
Renee E. LeBlanc of Esser & Kingston
Lila Mei Lee of Nixon & Peabody LLP
Kurt W. Lockwood of Boston Scientific Corporation
Melanie L. Lorenzo of Bingham McCutchen LLP
Stephen C. Maloney
Julie M. Marcal of Rubin & Rudman LLP
Ruth A. Margetts
Peter S. Marinelli of Peter S. Marinelli, Attorney at Law
Mendel L. Mashburn Jr. of Johnson & Johnson
Geoffrey M. Mason of Ropes & Gray LLP
Patricia A. Mazur of Patricia A. Mazur, Attorney at Law
John J. McCann Jr. of the Law Offices of John J. McCann Jr.
John R. McCarthy of Bingham McCutchen LLP
Elizabeth F. McCusker-Concannon of Bingham McCutchen LLP
Joanne McLaughlin of Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, Hale & Dorr LLP
Emily S. Mechem
Julia Meconiates of Seyfarth & Shaw LLP
Dinesh K. Melwani of Bingham McCutchen LLP
Francesca L. Miceli of Bingham McCutchen LLP
Karen Mullen of Jetblue Airways
Daniel P. Murphy of the Law Office of Daniel P. Murphy
Edward J. Musco of Edward J. Musco, Attorney at Law
Dana Ng of Raytheon Co.
James P. O'Brien of D'elia & Cavanaugh
Elizabeth B. Oliveira of Davis, Kilmarx, Swan & Bowling
Michael John Pacinda of Murphy, Hesse, Toomey & Lehane LLP
James Paikos of Gallagher & Cavanaugh LLP
Frank G. Petrillo of Frank G. Petrillo, Attorney at Law
Gerald A. Phelps of the Law Office of Gerald A. Phelps
Suzanne T. Pollinger of Suzanne T. Pollinger, R.N., Esq.
Michael J. Quinn of Quinn & Williams
Sheila M. Renner of the Dept. of Telecommunications and Energy
Jessica C. Renze of the Law Office of Jessica C. Renze PC
Alicia E. Rinaldi of Curtis & Sindeband LLP
Nicole A. Rizzo of Bingham McCutchen LLP
James P. Robinson Jr.
Patricia Rocco of the American Arbitration Association
Neely M. Shah of Bingham McCutchen LLP
Joseph I. Sheftel
Jennifer L. Snyder
Shawnee W. Strasko of Cushner & Bloom PC
Sundar Subramanyam of Goodwin & Procter LLP
Joseph L. Sulman of Dechert LLP
Cathleen H. Summers of Summers, Summers & Associates PC
Kevin T. Teng
Elizabeth A. Triden
Stacy K. Verde of Rudolph Friedmann LLP
Elizabeth A. Vining of Bletzer & Bletzer PC
William A. Walley
Thomas J. Walsh Jr. of the Law Office of Thomas J. Walsh Jr., PC
Katherine M. Whittemore of Taylor, Ganson & Perrin LLP