MBA changes

Issue September 2006

Over the last several months, the MBA has hired and promoted several staff members, and others have changed departments and job duties. The MBA congratulates everyone on their new positions as it continues to improve the services provided to members and the community.

New hires:

Jared Correia, publications attorney

Elaine M. Estano, LRS Public Services representative

Michele A. Himes, CLE program attorney

Kate O'Toole, communications assistant

Victor A. Sirois, MBA Insurance client service associate

John Ward, LRSPublic Services representative

Promotions and department changes:

Jeanine M. Barlow, systems analyst

Joseph Caci, business activities manager

Emily R. Fournier, events development and project manager

Claudia J. Staten, LRS/Public Services program manager

Elizabeth A. Varney, CLE manager