Massachusetts Bar Foundation receptions honor 2007-08 grantees

Issue November 2007

The Massachusetts Bar Foundation recently hosted two events to honor their 2007-08 grantees. The first reception was held at the Massachusetts Bar Association offices in Boston on Sept. 27; the second took place at the offices of Bulkley, Richardson and Gelinas in Springfield on Oct. 4.

Both events offered an opportunity for MBF Fellows and Trustees to speak with grantees about the tremendous work being done to benefit those in need of legal aid across Massachusetts.
In her remarks, MBF President Carol Witt thanked grantees for their tireless efforts to provide high quality legal representation to the state’s most vulnerable citizens. “While we all are here tonight talking about increasing access to justice,” she noted, “you are the ones doing just that, every single day.”

MBA President David White Jr. was on hand in Boston to offer his thanks and encouragement to MBF grantees on behalf of the MBA, and immediate Past-President Mark D Mason did the same in Springfield.

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