MBA members honored for 50 years of service

Issue November 2007 By Bill Archambeault

Lawyers and judges who have been members of the Massachusetts Bar Association for 50 years were honored by MBA President David W. White Jr. and Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall at a lunch on Oct. 11.

Of the 41 50-year members, 13 attended the lunch held at the John Adams Courthouse immediately before the MBA’s Second Annual Bench-Bar Symposium.

At the lunch, White and Marshall mingled and ate with the honorees before lauding them for their commitment.

Marshall personally recognized the Hon. Raya S. Dreben among those in attendance, noting that they were lawyers at a time when women made up a small fraction of the profession. Now, Marshall said, women account for roughly half of the state’s 50,000 lawyers.

“Much, much has changed in the legal profession,” Marshall said, “but much has stayed the same. I think it’s still one of the greatest professions. We could not do what we do without the support of the Massachusetts Bar.”

She added: “Congratulations. I hope I look as well as you do when I reach my 50 years.”

White offered the MBA’s appreciation for the honoree’s years of dedication.

“It’s a great honor and distinction to congratulate you all on the 50th anniversary of your membership,” White said, noting that there were judges, attorneys and law school professors among the class. “Although your backgrounds, career paths and areas of practice are varied, it is your five-decade commitment to the Massachusetts Bar that unites you today.”

50-Year Members, 1957-2007

Hon. Ruth Ida Abrams
John Marsden Callan, Esq.
William H. Carey, Esq.
Norman N. Connolly, Esq.
Earle C. Cooley, Esq.
John J. Curtin Jr., Esq.
George E. Donovan, Esq.
Andrew A. Dougherty, Esq.
Hon. Raya S. Dreben
Ralph J. Edelstein, Esq.
Maurice J. Ferriter, Esq.
Arthur J. Frawley Jr., Esq.
Robert G. Funke, Esq.
Gerard D. Goldstein, Esq.
Russell E. Haddleton, Esq.
Tidal B. Henry Jr., Esq.
William E. Hickey, Esq.
Hon. William C. Hillman
Richard P. Houlihan Jr., Esq.
Robert A. Kaloosdian, Esq.
Edward J. Lee, Esq.
Roger B. Leland, Esq.
Herbert Lemelman, Esq.
Hon. Neil L. Lynch
Barry R. McDonough, Esq.
John J. Mooney, Esq.
Frederick S. Paulsen, Esq.
Gerard L. Pellegrini, Esq.
Blair L. Perry, Esq.
Herbert P. Phillips, Esq.
Edward A. Saxe, Esq.
Dr. Paul F. Schlaikjer, Esq.
Arthur A. Sears, Esq.
Hon. Robert B. Sheiber
Bernard R. Silva Jr., Esq.
John W. Spillane, Esq.
Joseph C. Sweeney, Esq.
John T. Thomson, Esq.
Elbert Tuttle, Esq.
John A. Wickstrom, Esq.
George J. Zavoritis, Esq.