Tufts’ Fletcher School offers Global Master of Arts Program for busy attorneys

Issue November 2007

Nov. 27 informational session to be held at MBA’s Boston headquarters

The MBA is offering members the opportunity to learn about a unique professional development opportunity on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University is offering a Global Master of Arts Program geared for busy midcareer professionals with an interest in international affairs who are unable to enroll in a full-time, residency-based program.

Attorneys, like many busy professionals, often stop short of pursuing additional graduate programs due to their intense professional commitments that leave little time to devote to studies. However, Tufts University’s GMAP takes into account the schedules of busy attorneys in order for them to pursue an international affairs degree program.

By combining the rigor of The Fletcher School’s cross-disciplinary curriculum with a flexible format, midcareer professionals are trained to find more innovative solutions to international challenges, all without leaving their current positions.

Associate Dean and Director of GMAP Deborah Nutter will lead an informational session on this program at the MBA Boston headquarters on Nov. 27 from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

“As officers of the court, we bear a unique responsibility for grappling thorny questions in order to facilitate society’s development. What forces shape the interaction between our society and the global community? How do we develop policies consonant with our laws without first grasping the moral dilemmas that confront them? Government and private clients increasingly turn to attorneys for answers.

Fletcher’s GMAP develops the skills to address these questions while leaving their resolution to the creativity of each student. Equally important, GMAP’s format enables professionals to work while they learn. Is it demanding? Yes. It is a Fletcher Master’s degree, so one must work hard for it. Is it worth it? Every minute. I love it — the curriculum, the brilliant faculty and the mosaic of serious, motivated student colleagues from government, the media, military, the bar and the private sector. To be sure, for one year, you will enjoy less free time, but since you are already a lawyer, you will hardly notice.”

—Yeshaya Poyurs, current GMAP student and solo practitioner in Mansfield