Energy conservation

1. Stop using a screen saver.

Screen savers do not save energy, they save the screen from being permanently imprinted with an image.

Screen savers eat up lighting and processing energy.

Set screen savers to none or
blank screen.

2. Consider laptops: Consider buying laptops instead of desktops, as they generally use less energy and are more efficiently made.

3. Consider office sharing: If you have a number of employees who don’t
use the office regularly, consider assigning offices based on a schedule. You will save on utilities, equipment, furniture and more.

Environmentally conscious


1. Choose your office envelopes wisely.

Avoid using envelopes with covered windows whenever possible, in order to enhance their recyclability.

Use adhesives on envelopes and mailing labels only if they are water-based and do not contain chlorinated organic compounds, many of which are toxic chemicals.

2. When choosing printer cartridges, consider buying those with toner powder derived from soybeans.

Greenhouse gas reduction

Offer bike parking: Provide employees with a secure space to park their bikes in order to encourage this mode of transportation.

Paper reduction

1. The holiday season is fast approaching. When considering how to share holiday wishes with colleagues, clients, friends and family, choose eco-friendly options:

E-mail greeting cards

Cards printed on recycled paper and/or with soy-based ink

Sustainable practices

Avoid color printing: Color printing generally uses more ink, so print in black and white when you can.