South Asian Bar Association celebrates India Day and Pakistan Day

Issue October 2008

The South Asian Bar Association of Greater Boston celebrated the independence of India and Pakistan by holding voter registration drives at both the India Day and Pakistan Day celebrations on Aug. 17.

India Day 2008, organized by the Indian Association of Greater Boston, was held at the Hatch Shell on the Boston Esplanade; the Pakistan Day celebration took place at Colt State Park in Rhode Island and was organized by the Pakistan Association of Greater Boston.

To encourage South Asian participation in the American political process, SABA GB set up voter registration tables at each event, offering help in completing the forms and mailing them to relevant town authorities.

"SABA GB’s voter registration event is one of my favorites of the year." said SABA GB Vice President Natasha Varyani. "It is important that our community be represented in the political process. The first step is to make sure our community is registered to vote."

As a chapter of the North American South Asian Bar Association, SABA GB supports and encourages the advancement of South Asians to leadership positions within the legal community and the community at large.