Property Law's Laura Siegel cooks up a sweet side of business

Issue December 2009 By Jennifer Rosinski

Sitting behind a bright multi-colored tablecloth decorated with homemade maple pecan caramels and coconut cashew brittle, Laurel Siegel is basking in the glow that comes with being a favorite merchant at the Medford Square Market. Only the smart phone tucked in her lap gives her away - she's a lawyer by trade.

Siegel, co-chair of the MBA's Property Law Section, is a solo practitioner in Boston concentrating in commercial and residential real estate law. When the Medford resident is not dealing with purchase and sale agreements, Siegel dabbles in the creation of her own unique sweets under the name Sweet LoLo's (

"I feel like I'm leading this double life," said a laughing Siegel, who spends up to 25 hours a week on her hobby. "I wouldn't do it unless I was having fun with it. It's very gratifying to make a product and have people enjoy it."

The confections crafted by Siegel are made with flavors inspired by natural ingredients such as fruits, nuts, spices and teas. Customer favorites include pistachio brittle, coconut cashew brittle, apple cider caramels and buttermilk caramels; but she also creates taffy and marshmallow candies, among others. The caramels are hand-wrapped. The brittle is packaged in bags with ribbons that coordinate with the flavors and adorned with a logo Siegel created.

Sweet LoLo's has developed a fan base, and Marlene Aborn is one of the addicted. "I got a new name for you, the Siren of Sweets, because each time I walk by, I get called over," Aborn, senior clerk for the Medford Veterans Services office, told Siegel when she visited her table at the market over the summer. "I tell myself I won't get any, but I always do."

Siegel incorporated Sweet LoLo's in May, launched her Web site in June, began to post on Twitter (SweetLoLoSweets), was a staple at the Medford Square Market every Thursday through October, started offering her candies at FrancesRay Jules Salon in Boston this fall, and is now attending craft fairs. Siegel is also interested in making corporate gifts and creations for weddings.