MBA recognizes staff anniversaries

Issue May 2009

Janice Maciejewicz
Janice Maciejewicz started her Massachusetts Bar Association receptionist career in February 1999 and for the past 10 years, has greeted MBA employees and visitors with a smile. “Janice is the first voice people hear when they contact the MBA — the public face of the MBA — and she does a great job representing us. She’s a real asset to us here, she always has a smile on her face,” said Martin Healy, MBA acting executive director. Maciejewicz enjoys traveling and celebrated her 15th wedding anniversary with her husband Michael in October. In her position, Maciejewicz has had much personal growth and describes her experience here as “adventurous!”

William F. Devine became the facilities manager for the MBA in March of 1994, though he worked for the building management company for five years previously. He came to 20 West St. to cover a co-worker’s two-week vacation and never left. He and his wife, Gayle, are celebrating their 15-year anniversary in September. He hopes one day to retire to Hawaii, and in the meantime likes to relax at home with his wife and his stepson Ronald. “It’s been an interesting 20 years!” he said of his time with the MBA.


Martin W. Healy
Martin W. Healy joined the MBA as assistant counsel in February of 1989. Over the years, its the variety of work that has kept him energized. “I have a unique opportunity to deal with every practice area of the law, working with our volunteers and board — people at the top of the profession. I really don’t see myself doing anything else.” In his free time, he and his wife Celeste try to keep up with their three teenage boys Terence, Brendan and Brian, who are all into music. “It’s been an enjoyable time here — it doesn’t seem like 20 years!” said Healy.