Author, Author!

Issue June 2010

David Hosp

Author Firm: Goodwin Procter
Most Recent Book Title: Among Thieves
Publisher and Year Published: Grand Central Publishing, 2010
What It's About: Fiction - A thriller with fictional characters, based on the Isabella Stewart Gardner art heist 20 years ago, deemed to be the largest art theft in history. The robbery has never been solved.

Raffi Yessayan

Author Firm: Law Office of Raffi Yessayan
Most recent Book Title: 2 in the Hat
Publisher and Year Published: Ballantine Books, 2010
What It's About: Fiction - Against a backdrop of a spike in Boston's gang homicides, a murderous psychopath steps out of the past.  His first book, 8 in the Box, is the story of how a killer selects his victims.

Michael Fredrickson

Author agency: Board of Bar Overseers
Book Title: A Cinderella Affidavit
Publisher and Year Published: Mass Market Paperback, 2000
What It's About: Courtroom drama based on a real case, Commonwealth v. Lewin. A drug bust goes wrong, a policeman is shot, and a fictitious informant in a phony affidavit creates problems for both the prosecutors and the police.

Fredrickson's other books are Witness for the Dead, Defense for the Dead, and a work in progress, Kill All the Lawyers.

Iris Gomez

Author Firm: Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Book Title: Try to Remember
Publisher and Year Published: Grand Central Publishing, 2010
What It's About: Fiction - A young Latina struggles with her father's mental illness and its impact on her family - including the possibility that they will lose their "green" cards as his behavior becomes more aberrant - while trying to navigate a place for herself in a new world.

Margaret McLean

Background: Boston College (teaches business law)
Book Title: Under Oath
Publisher and Year Published: Hot House Press, 2004
What It's About: Fiction - Murder trial of two Charlestown hoodlums, whose accomplices locate and silence government witnesses before they can testify. A second book, Under Fire, about an arson/murder, is due out this year.

Brian Goodwin

Author Firm: Town and Country Legal Assocs.
Book Title: Pigeons and Doves (unpublished)
What It's About: Fiction - Undercover Buffalo undercover police officer self-exiles to Massachusetts, rises to power in Boston mob scene. Epic twist at the end.

Wendy Sibbison

Author Firm: Law Office of Wendy Sibbison
Book Title: Work in progress, working title, Helen in Trouble
What It's About: Fiction ­- A 16-year old girl in 1963, living in a Washington, D.C. suburb, gets pregnant when drunk with her boyfriend. Her search for an illegal abortion, the world of her middle-class family and friends, with the era's political and social culture as the backdrop.

Christian G. Samito

Author Firm: Jouret & Samito LLP
Book Title: Becoming American Under Fire
Publisher and Year Published: Cornell University Press, 2009
What It's About: Nonfiction - How the military experiences and political activism of Irish Americans and African Americans influenced the redefinition of national citizenship that took place during the Civil War era.

Robert A. Shaines

Author Firm: Shaines and McEachern PA
Book Title: Command Influence
Publisher and year published: SBG Publishing Group, 2010.
What It's About: Nonfiction­ - The story of a court martial in 1953 during the Korean War, against the backdrop of political events occurring in South Korea. The circumstances surrounding the trial highlighted the differences between military and civilian proceedings, and eventually led to the 1955 Supreme Court case of Toth v. Quarles, which dealt with a limit on the power of the president to appoint military tribunals to try certain civilians under his powers as set forth in the Uniform Code of Military justice. Relevant to today's debates as to how to try detainees.

Timothy Burke

Author Firm: Law Offices of Timothy Burke
Most Recent Book Title: The Paradiso Files
Publisher and year published: Steer Forth Press, hardcover 2008, pb 2009
What It's About: True-crime novel - An unknown serial killer who operated in the Boston area for over 15 years, who was prosecuted for one murder, other attempted rape/murders, and through the book has been linked to as many as seven previously unsolved murders and six rapes.