Issue July 2011

Pay it forward

As we see more of a "graying" of our profession, more seasoned attorneys will soon be turning over the reins of the profession to younger, up-and-coming lawyers.

To prepare for this shift, the more seasoned attorneys have the responsibility to nurture and show our less seasoned colleagues the way.

I am confident that as you read this message, you will remember those persons who assisted you as you began your career and how important their mentorship was to your professional journey. We need to honor the legacy of those who have helped us in the past while carrying on that tradition in the future.

Picking up the pieces

Andrea R. Reid didn't get the chance to run for her building's basement.

When a tornado ripped through Reid & Gaudet Law Group LLP's downtown Springfield office at 969 Main St., all she could do was dive under her desk and wait out the chaos of swirling winds, shattered windows and flying debris.

Program aims to aid medically vulnerable, low-income residents

The Massachusetts Bar Association and the Medical-Legal Partnership Massachusetts network have joined forces to create a new program, the MBA Pro Bono Prescription. The pioneering initiative brings together volunteer attorneys and medical professionals to promote the health and well-being of low-income patients through legal advocacy.