Health Law Conference 
focuses on SJC's affordable 
care act decision

Issue August 2012 By Marc A. D'Antonio, Esq.

The Health Law Section Council hosted its annual spring conference on June 26 at the Massachusetts Bar Association in Boston. The half-day conference offered attendees with an opportunity to gain a better understanding of a wide variety of topics in the complex world of health law practice. Topics included use of social media in the health care sector, an in-depth discussion of insurance coverage for services for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the Supreme Judicial Court's recent decision regarding the constitutionality of excluding legal immigrants from state-subsidized health insurance. Additionally, Health Law Conference Co-Chair Stephen M. Fiore and MBA Vice President Jeffrey N. Catalano provided an overview and history of apology laws that apply in medical malpractice cases.

Professor Wendy Mariner, from Boston University School of Public Health delivered the conference's keynote address. Mariner provided an in-depth analysis of the Supreme Court's soon to be issued ruling on the constitutionality of Affordable Care Act. Rather than speculate on the outcome, Mariner broke down the arguments and offered some valuable insight on the impact this decision will have on the way Americans obtain and pay for health insurance.

"Most constitutional experts thought this case was an easy one, a slam dunk," Mariner said. "However, those of us who work in the health care field recognized the complex nature of this case."

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