Judges and lawyers bring MBA’s Law Day initiative, “No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom,” to Massachusetts high schools

Issue July 2012 By Jennifer Rosinski

Students at high schools in Chelsea, Fall River, Southbridge, Springfield and Worcester are participating in the Massachusetts Bar Association's Law Day Initiative during the month of May focused on the topic: "No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom."

"This unique program is critical because it provides young people with an understanding of the role of law and courts in our society," MBA President Richard P. Campbell said. "This knowledge is necessary to fully understand the importance of a functioning court system, which is currently in jeopardy without proper funding from the state." Volunteer attorney/judge teams from the MBA are visiting classes at each school and presenting a lesson involving a fictional case, which challenges a state's guidelines for providing free attorneys to criminal defendants. The program teaches students how the adversarial court system works, how the courts review the constitutionality of legislation and about the 6th and 14th amendments.

The following is a list of participating schools:

  • South High School, Worcester
  • High School of Commerce, Springfield
  • Renaissance School, Springfield
  • Diman Regional Vocational Tech High School,  Fall River
  • Southbridge High School, Southbridge
  • Springfield Central High School, Springfield
  • Claremont Academy, Worcester
  • Chelsea High School, Chelsea
  • The SABIS International Charter School, Springfield
  • Cathedral High School, Wilbraham
  • Worcester Technical High School, Worcester
  • North High School, Worcester

The MBA is appreciative of the Massachusetts Judges Conference for its assistance in recruiting volunteer judges for this endeavor.