Volunteer Spotlight: Bernard A. Kansky

Issue July 2012 By Andrea S. Burke

Attorney Bernard Kansky has been a volunteer in the Massachusetts Bar Association's Mentor Program for more than 20 years.

Designed with the expectation of helpful exchanges between more seasoned mentors and less seasoned mentees, the program helps advance professionalism and collegiality within the profession.

Mentors, like Kansky, answer occasional queries in their respective law area of expertise.

"Attorney Kansky has been helpful to not only new attorneys but seasoned attorneys as well. I have received numerous e-mails, letters and cards from mentees thanking us for giving them Attorney Kansky as a mentor," said MBA Bar Services Liaison Patricia Olier, who oversees the program.

One of Kansky's former mentees who took the time to write is Christine A. Anderson of Anderson Law Offices in New Bedford.

"Thank you very much for your help. Attorney Kansky was kind enough to help me out. Thank goodness for this program and the volunteer mentors, I am eternally grateful!" she wrote.

Kansky's practice is located in Boston's North End, where he specializes in social security disability benefits as well as other areas of civil litigation. He continues to volunteer his time as a mentor because he not only finds it rewarding to give back to the profession, but he also enjoys the challenge.

"You really have the opportunity to learn quite a bit. It becomes a give and take situation, and it expands on your legal background," he said. "That's what makes it so enjoyable and keeps you coming back to help more people … you never get bored."