May 18 Labor & Employment conference features Globe’s Ryan

Issue May 2012

The 33rd Annual Labor & Employment Law Spring Conference will feature Boston Globe sports columnist Bob Ryan as its keynote speaker. The conference is Friday, May 18, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Colonnade Hotel at 120 Huntington Ave. in Boston.

The schedule also features:

  • An Overview of Significant Developments and Notable Cases
  • An Act Relative to Gender Identity - What Employment Lawyers Need to Know
  • Employee Misclassification and Current State and Federal Government Enforcement
  • NLRA Issues for Non-Union Workforce
  • Tips For Improving Your Courtroom Skills
  • News and Developments from the MCAD
  • A reception


Thomas J. Flannagan, Esq., program co-chair
MacLean, Holloway, Doherty, Ardiff & Morse, Peabody

Margaret H. Paget, Esq., program co-chair
Sherin and Lodgen LLP, Boston

Hon. Janet L. Sanders
Superior Court, Boston

Patrick J. Bannon, Esq.
McCarter & English LLP
, Boston

Inga S. Bernstein, Esq.
Zalkind, Rodriquez, Lunt & Duncan, Boston

Merle D. Hyman, Esq.
Department of Labor-Solicitor's Office, Boston

Tamsin Kaplan, Esq.
Davis, Malm & D'Agostine PC, Boston

Daniel Klein, Esq.
Seyfarth Shaw LLP, Boston

Rosemary Pye, Esq.
National Labor Relations Board, Boston

Catherine E. Reuben, Esq.
Hirsch Roberts Weinstein LLP, Boston

George Rioux
U.S. Department of Labor, Boston

James A.W. Shaw, Esq.
Segal Roitman LLP, Boston

Arthur G. Telegen, Esq.
Seyfarth Shaw LLP, Boston

Sunila J. Thomas-George, Esq.
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, Springfield

John F. Tocci, Esq.
Tocci Goss & Lee PC, Boston

Julian T. Tynes, Esq.
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, Boston

Jeffrey R. Webb, Esq.
Office of the Attorney General, Fair Labor Division, Boston

Jamie R. Williamson, Esq.
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, Springfield