Law practice management tips: Utilize fellow attorneys

Issue July 2014

Tip 1. Attorneys should not be reluctant to contact other attorneys in their field for advice on a particular matter if they are unsure of a certain procedure, court order, etc. It is always helpful to explain a certain matter to another attorney and obtain some advice concerning handling the matter, next steps, procedural matters, substantive matters, etc.

Tip 2. Attorneys should not be reluctant to refer potential clients to other counsel if they are either too busy to take on the matter or it is a matter which is unfamiliar to them. Many times, the client would rather have a referral to someone who has time to handle the matter immediately. Also, many of us are used to referring cases to attorneys who practice in fields other than us. The return referrals more than make up for the difficulties involved in attempting to handle a client matter in an unfamiliar area.

Tip 3. When you may not be sure as to which attorney or attorneys to refer a client matter in an unfamiliar area, the Massachusetts Bar Association is a great resource. You can contact someone from a particular section council and inquire as to suggestions, or you can refer the client to the MBA for referral.

Tip courtesy of Thomas J. Barbar of Deutsch, Williams, Brooks, DeRensis & Holland PC.
Published May 29, 2014, in eJournal.