West Street office blessed by Devine's presence

Issue June 2014 By Joshua Crawford

When the Massachusetts Bar Association purchased its home at 20 West Street in 1994, after renting it for the previous 10 years, the MBA got more than just a great building all to its own. It also got Bill Devine.

Devine has been the building manager at 20 West Street for each of 20 years the MBA has owned its West Street headquarters, plus the five years before, when he worked directly for the management company that served as the MBA's former landlord. What's interesting is that a job that has lasted a quarter century initially began as something that was only expected to last about half a month.

When he first started at 20 West Street, Devine was just filling in for "two weeks" because the guy who was supposed to be the building manager was on vacation. After two weeks turned into three, and three turned into five, Devine realized the job was more permanent; his predecessor had quit.

In retrospect, this turn of events was the MBA's good fortune. Devine has served as a steady presence, ensuring that the day to day operations at the MBA go off without a hitch.

Of course, over the years, Devine has seen his fair share of wacky happenings, as well.

One day, Devine remembers, he received a call in the early hours of the morning that someone had thrown a barrel through the front window of the MBA. When he arrived on scene the police had a suspect in custody, but the events of the morning were only beginning. It turns out that the suspect was not a fan of lawyers and, in addition to shattering the glass, placed a young pot bellied pig inside the office. After a few hours of the pig being chased around, normalcy was restored.

This is just one story that fits into the narrative Devine describes as, "No day is a typical day for me here." What is typical is the professional and friendly approach that he continues to bring to 20 West Street, day in and day out.

"Bill Devine is an invaluable long-term member of the MBA's team," says MBA Chief Legal Counsel Martin W. Healy, who has known him since the MBA moved to West Street. "Bill's considerable skills make the building and operations of the MBA appear seamless. He is always willing to pitch in to make the organization a better environment and enjoys working with our many members and great team of staff."