The Pro Bono You Don't Know

Issue September/October 2016

In this feature, the MBA spotlights some of the good deeds MBA attorneys do that you might not have heard about.

Kerri Quintal of the Law Office of Kerri A. Quintal PC, in North Attleboro, is helping to raise money for the Kids Summer Café, an organization in Attleboro that feeds hungry children in the summertime who normally receive free school lunches during the school year. There are four locations for children 18 and under. Quintal's practice involves working with families in both family law and criminal defense, and she often dedicates much of her pro bono efforts to either families or children. In the past she has done things like feed families for the holidays, winter drives, and Quintal's Quest To Feed The Hungry.

In her own words

"I got involved with Kid's Summer Cafe when I found out that there are a number of children, about 500 per week, that need food. There are some federal monies available, however not enough to cover the children's lunches. The federal reimbursement rate is somewhere around the vicinity of $2.80, and the lunches are actually costing the program about $8 or $9 each. In addition to that, we try to add an activity for the children so that there is no stigma associated with receiving a free lunch.

One of the reasons that I got involved is because children who suffer from malnutrition generally do not do as well in school and therefore other issues stem from going hungry. As of Friday, Aug. 5th, we have raised over $18,000 from local businesses and/or individuals. We have teamed up with the Attleboro Area Council of Churches' Food and Services program so that donations may be tax deductable. Our campaign has also reached states other than Massachusetts. Two young children 17 and 13 from Londonderry, New Hampshire, raised money by baking cookies and selling them individually to make $78.00."