2017-18 MBA officers and delegates announced

Issue May/June 2017

The Massachusetts Bar Association Nominating Committee, led by MBA Immediate Past President Robert W. Harnais, has issued its report for the 2017-18 nominations for MBA officers.

The committee was composed of Harnais, MBA Past President Marsha V. Kazarosian, MBA Past President Douglas K. Sheff, Susan G. Anderson, Francis A. Ford, George G. Hardiman and Hon. Nancy Holtz (ret.).

Christopher P. Sullivan automatically succeeds to the office of president on Sept. 1, 2017. Pursuant to Article VIII, Section 1 of the MBA Bylaws, the committee has filed with MBA Secretary Denise I. Murphy the following list of other officers for 2017-18:

President-elect Christopher A. Kenney
Vice President Denise I. Murphy
Treasurer John J. Morrissey
Secretary Thomas J. Barbar


Regional Delegates and At-Large Delegates:
Region 1 Martin V. Tomassian Jr.
Region 2 Michael B. Ready
Region 3 Brigid E. Mitchell
Region 4 Jesse Adams
Region 5 Kyle R. Guelcher
Region 6 Lori A. Cianciulli
Damian J. Turco
Region 7 Lee J. Gartenberg
Patricia Ann Metzer
Philip Privitera
Region 8 Melissa A. Juarez
Richard J. Sweeney
Region 9 Anthony J. Benedetti
Peter T. Elikann
Grace V.B. Garcia
Courtney Shea Winters
Region 10 Leonardo A. Angiulo
Richard J. Rafferty
At-Large Stephen Y. Chow
Bonnie H. MacLeod
Michael E. Mone Jr.
Martha Rush O'Mara
Victoria M. Santoro
Nancy S. Shilepsky
John J. Vasapolli

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