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The Committee shall consist of twenty-five attorneys, representing a cross-section of the bar. There shall be one member from each county bar association; three members from the Boston Bar Association (hereinafter referred to as BBA); three members from the Massachusetts Bar Association (hereinafter referred to as the MBA); and six members from the non-county bar associations affiliated with the MBA. Each member shall serve for a three-year term, with appointments staggered such that the terms of eight or nine members shall expire each year. Any members may be re-appointed for an additional term, but in no event shall any member serve more than six years. The terms of appointment shall begin on September 1. The Chief Legal Counsel of the MBA or his or her delegate shall be a non-voting member of the Committee and shall serve as Secretary to the Committee. 

Each person appointed shall agree not to accept an appointment to judicial office during the term of appointment or for a period of one year after service has been completed. 

It shall be the responsibility of all participating bar associations to nominate or appoint persons of diverse gender, age, race, color, creed, ethnic origin, and sexual preference, and persons with disabilities. All participating bar associations are also encouraged to nominate attorneys of varying experience.