New podcast looks at 'Closing the Justice Gap'

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018

MassBarBeatA new episode of the Massachusetts Bar Association's MassBar Beat podcast is now available!

Each day people facing life-changing legal issues are going to court alone because they don't qualify for legal aid or cannot afford a lawyer. It's created a justice gap. But there are efforts under way to address these unmet legal needs.

In the episode, “Closing the Justice Gap,” MassBar Beat host Jordan Rich talks with attorneys Len Zandrow of UMass School of Law's Justice Bridge Legal Center and Damian Turco of Lawyers for Affordable Justice about how legal incubators like theirs are working to close the justice gap by pairing newer attorneys, or lawyers committed to representing clients at discount, with modest-means clients.


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What kind of impression are you giving to a judge or jury at trial - even before you say a word? That's the topic of the newest episode of the MBA's podcast, the MassBar Beat, which is now available.
In  "Mastering the Unspoken Word: Body Language and Nonverbal Communication in Court," I discuss how a lawyer's attire, body language, tone of voice and other nonverbal cues can impact your chances in court. I invite you to join me as I talk about tips for success, including some of the key takeaways from Sonya Hamlin's book, "Now, What Makes Juries Listen."
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