Latest Massachusetts Law Review now available

Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020

MLRVol102No1coverwebThe volume 102, number 1 issue of Massachusetts Law Review is now available online and has been mailed to members.

Articles include:

  • Out With the Old: The Demise of the Abatement Doctrine in Massachusetts, by Roger L. Michel Jr.
  • Case Comment on Applying the Mosaic Theory to Determine Whether Use of Automatic License
    Plate Readers Constitutes a Search, Commonwealth v. McCarthy, 484 Mass. 493 (2020), by Patrick Hanley
  • Case Comment on Supreme Judicial Court Applies Successor Liability Doctrine to Sole Proprietorship, Smith v. Kelley, 484 Mass. 111 (2020), by Christopher R. Vaccaro
  • Book review on Financial Exposure: Carl Levin’s Senate Investigations Into Finance and Tax Abuse, by Robert J. Kerwin

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