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Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021
SJC Appoints John A. Bello as Massachusetts Trial Court Administrator; Probate and Family Court Updates: Revised Appointment Forms and New Notice Process, Amended Conservator Forms


Supreme Judicial Court Appoints John A. Bello as Massachusetts Trial Court Administrator

The justices of the Supreme Judicial Court have announced the selection of John A. Bello as the next court administrator of the Trial Court. Bello succeeds Jonathan S. Williams in the position. Williams left the position in December 2020, after serving as court administrator since May 2017. Bello begins his new position effective March 1.

"The Justices are delighted to appoint John Bello as Court Administrator. John has substantial hands-on experience at different levels of management in the Trial Court and understands the challenges faced by the Trial Court during the COVID-19 pandemic," said SJC Justice Kimberly S. Budd. "We are confident that John's in-depth understanding of the operations and functioning of the Trial Court will enable him to lead the Trial Court with excellent judgment and a steady hand."

Bello has served as the associate court administrator since December 2017. Prior to that appointment, Bello served as the director of facilities management and capital planning for the Trial Court from 2013 to 2017. Before joining the Trial Court, Bello served as the manager of facilities services at the Massachusetts Port Authority, where he worked in various roles since 1998. 

The court administrator is the administrative head of the Trial Court, charged with providing effective, timely and innovative support to judges, clerks, probation officers and staff. Working together with the chief justice of the Trial Court, the court administrator is responsible for shaping administrative functions that support the Trial Court’s delivery of justice to the people of Massachusetts. Duties include budget preparation and oversight, labor relations, information technology, capital projects, security and personnel policy.

"This past year, the Trial Court has significantly expanded remote capabilities and operations to meet the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Bello. "I have worked closely with Chief Justice Paula Carey to ensure that operations have flowed smoothly and look forward to our continued work ahead." 

"Trial Court judges and staff at every level have demonstrated that we can navigate these unprecedented times and continue to expand our capacities in the delivery of justice," said Trial Court Chief Justice Paula M. Carey. "John Bello has been an important part of this work and I am confident that together, we will continue to grow the capabilities of the Trial Court and build upon successes we have had."

The position of court administrator for the Massachusetts Trial Court was created by court management legislation enacted in 2011. The Massachusetts Trial Court includes seven court departments with 385 judges and about 6,300 employees who deliver justice in 97 courthouses across the state.


Probate and Family Court Revised Appointment Forms and New Notice Process

The Probate and Family Court has revised two appointment forms (Appointment of GAL in Category E and F (CJD 167) and Appointment of Guardian to Assert or Waive Privilege (CJD 168)), and created a new notice form for the report of the Guardian to Assert or Waive Privilege (CJD 171).   

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Probate and Family Court Amended Conservator Forms

The following forms appointing a conservator have been amended:

Where referenced, G. L. c. 190B, §§ 5-423(c) (1-7) & (14-24) has been changed to G. L. c. 190B, §§ 5-423(c) (1-7) & (14-29).