Members support MBA’s community work through MBI Public Service Fund

Issue April 2008

MBA Executive Director Marilyn J. Wellington, Esq., is pleased with the support and generosity that the legal community has exhibited so far toward the Massachusetts Bar Institute Public Service Fund.
In early February, MBA members received an important brochure in the mail — Bringing the Legal Profession into Your Community — reminding members of the thousands of hours of time that their colleagues in the law give back to their communities by volunteering in programming administered through the MBI.

Through much collaboration with schools, state agencies, civic organizations, councils on aging and the like, the MBA has earned a reputation for excellence in providing programs to educate our youth, provide legal services to those in the greatest need, and to reach out to our neighbors, young and old, with invaluable law-related services and education.

Whether it be through the Elder Law Program, the Lawyer-Teacher Partnership initiative, pro bono programs such as the veterans project, the popular High School Mock Trial Program or the multitude of other community and public services, invaluable legal services and programming are offered to those who need it most.

By contributing to the “Bringing the Legal Profession into Your Community” MBI Public Service Fund, members will invest in the future of the association’s public and community services that impact thousands of citizens each year across the commonwealth.