Law students: Five ways to get the most out of the MBA

Issue September/October 2016

Damian J. Turco, Turco Legal PC

(Former MBA Law Practice Management Section Chair)

"Reaching out to MBA Section Council members or attending section council meetings are great ways to meet some of the state's top performing lawyers and leaders. Because section councils tend to be practice area-specific, this is a targeted, strategic way to build relationships. Few students take this step, but when they do, they tend to stand out to the right people and in doing so, create great opportunity."

Melissa A. Conner, Conner Law Offices

(Former MBA Young Lawyers Division Chair)

"Commit to going to one MBA event each month. It's easy to put engaging in the legal community on the back burner, so setting a goal helps. Ideally, pick something like the Young Lawyers Division or the new Law Student Section, and go each month so that you can develop strong network connections there. However, if your schedule makes regular board attendance impossible, there are tons of other options, like CLE's, the Legal Lunch series and evening socials. Every month, just check out the calendar and commit to one event. Soon, you'll be a regular, you'll develop a large professional network, and you'll find out about all sorts of other opportunities to get involved."

Courtney C. Shea, Peabody & Arnold LLP

(Former MBA Young Lawyers Division Chair)

"Volunteer at MBA community service events. It enables you interact with experienced attorneys in a more personalized way and you get to give back to the community at the same time. "

Victoria M. Santoro, Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow

(MBA Young Lawyers Division Chair)

"Get involved in the YLD. You'll develop a network of young lawyers, just a few years ahead of you in practice, who you can rely on both personally and professionally."

John J. Morrissey, Morrissey, Wilson & Zafiropoulos LLP

(MBA Vice President)

"Download the new MBA app and get instant access to thousands of fellow MBA members. You can ask a question, get practice tips and easily connect with attorneys from many practice areas right from your phone or tablet."