Timeline set for 2007-08 officer nomination process

Issue January 2007


Editor’s note: In the December issue of Lawyers Journal, a headline on page 2 incorrectly listed the officer nomination term as "2006-07." The correct term is 2007-08.

By mid-January, MBA President Mark D Mason and Executive Director Marilyn J. Wellington will appoint the seven-member Nominating Committee charged with nominating the six officers and the roster of regional delegates to serve a one-year term beginning Sept. 1, 2007. The 2007-08 Nominating Committee must be approved by the current House of Delegates on or before Jan. 20, 2007.

The seven-member committee will present its official nominations in the form of a report to be filed with MBA Secretary Edward McIntyre by March 10. The Nominating Committee’s report will be mailed to all MBA members entitled to vote not later than March 25. Membership has the opportunity to challenge the report by submitted petitions for other nominations. Other nominations for officers have to be filed as petitions signed by 100 members. Likewise, regional delegate nomination petitions are filed in the same manner and require 50 signatures. All petitions shall then be filed with McIntyre by April 10.

Look for more information on the election process in future issues of Lawyers Journal.