MBA to launch interactive new section/division pages with My Bar Access

Issue December 2012

My Bar Access -- a new online member-to-member community exclusive to Massachusetts Bar Association members -- will launch this month. A valuable new member benefit, My Bar Access will transform the way members can exchange information by combining social networking, member-created content and imperative bar resources, in one convenient web location.

My Bar Access member groups will replace the current section pages on and allow members to instantly connect with each other through My Bar Access member groups, using these interactive tools:

  • Announcements (ONLY available to Group Admins);
  • Discussions (formerly known as listservs);
  • Blogs; and
  • Resource libraries.

In addition to offering member-created content, My Bar Access member groups provide information on section-sponsored MBA On Demand programs, Section Review articles, section leadership and more.

As an added benefit, My Bar Access is completely customizable to the user -- allowing members the ability to decide how often they wish to receive My Bar Access group activity notifications.

Take advantage of this invaluable resource, which enables you to connect, share and collaborate with members of the legal community. Look for upcoming My Bar Access details on, in Lawyers e-Journal and in future Lawyers Journals.

The MBA thanks the section/division members who recently participated in My Bar Access testing. As designated testers, these participants will become the 2012-13 My Bar Access group administrators for their respective section/divisions and will play an essential role in posting group content and monitoring online interactions.

Adam Arthur Larson
Adam David Johnson
Adam John Foss
Alan M. Pampanin
Andrea L Haas
Beth M. Padellaro
Brian E. Glennon II
Brian J. Dunn
Bryan S. MacCormack
Bryna S. Klevan
Caroline  Sawyer
Charles E. Vander Linden
Christopher P. Sullivan
Clare D. McGorrian
Cynthia E. MacCausland
David G. Saliba
David J. Lemasa
Douglas K. Sheff
Dulcineia  Goncalves
Euripides D. Dalmanieras
Frank A. Smith III
Gabriel  Cheong
Gerald C. Rovner
Isabel Sara Raskin
J. Michael Scully
Jennifer L. Laucirica
Jennifer R. Clapp
Jessica L. Libby
John F. Tocci
John J. Morrissey
Josephine  Babiarz
Kathleen Rose O'Toole
Kelly  Kneeshaw-Price
Kevin M. Corr
Laurel H. Siegel
Leo M. Spano
Lorianne M. Sainsbury-Wong
Margaret Helen Paget
Mark A. Leahy
Mark F. Murphy
Marlies  Spanjaard
Marsha V. Kazarosian
Martha Rush O'Mara
Matthew Grygorcewicz
Maureen E. Curran
Melissa Ann Conner
Michael  Molloy
Michael D. Badger
Michael D. Greenberg
Michael F. Kilkelly
Michael H Hayden
Michael I. Flores
Michael R. Christy
Michael Thomas Maroney
Michele E. Randazzo
Michelle  Keith
Paul E. White
Rachel M. Self
Radha  Natarajan
Richard J. Schoenfeld III
Richard M. Stone
Richard W. Cole
Robert A. Mellion
Robert J. Kerwin
Robert L. Holloway
Robert W. Harnais
Samuel Adam Segal
Scott D. Goldberg
Sean Christopher Yuzwa
Sheila Catherine Casey
Sheryl D. Eisenberg
Stephen E. Seckler
Steven M Ayr
Susan G. Anderson
Susan Lynne Jacobs
Thomas J. Barbar
Thomas L. Guidi
Thomas M. Bond
Thomas M. Hoffey