10th Annual In-House Conference focuses on best practices

Issue January 2013

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The Massachusetts Bar Association held its 10th Annual In-House Conference on Friday, Nov. 30. The program, which focused on best practices for in-house counsel, featured opening remarks by attorney Lauren Stiller Rikleen.

Keynote speaker Rikleen kicked-off the event with a focus on strengthening multigenerational relationships. The presentation highlighted key differences between generations and concluded with recommendations for ways in which to bridge the gap in the workplace.

"There is just a voice that this [Millennial] generation has been given that was recognized quite early on," Rikleen said. "We [older generations] look at respect more as deference … [Millennials] view respect as being heard."

Rikleen emphasized the benefit of increased orientations in the workplace as well as team-building programs, like reverse mentoring, to assimilate different generations. Rikleen ended her keynote address by quoting Abraham Lincoln, "I do not like this person. I must get to know him better."

Other conference panelists discussed current areas of interest, such as cybersecurity, insurance planning and independent investigations. The conference also featured two brief "lightning round" presentations on current intellectual property issues.

The conference wrapped-up with an update from the Business Litigation Session of the Superior Court Department. A panel of BLS justices discussed the BLS Pilot Project, which was designed to lessen the burdens of litigation and to emphasize that discovery ought to be proportional to what is at stake.

"This year's conference was well received by the audience," said David A. Parke, who co-chaired the conference.

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