Massachusetts Law Review issue focuses on legal implications of Sept. 11

Issue February 2003

The most recent issue of the Massachusetts Law Review, "The Legal Implications of September 11, 2001," offers a compelling analysis of a variety of issues facing the legal community following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The special issue discusses topics such as the balancing of human rights; the infringement of civil liberties during times of crisis; the legislative framework for dealing with biological terrorism; a lamentation of the demise of public spaces; and two book reviews offering different perspectives on terrorism.

"It is our hope that the legal implications of September 11, addressed in this special issue of the Massachusetts Law Review, will be of interest to our readers, will provide a springboard for legal and theoretical discussions of these issues, and will promote a sense of balance in understanding the competing interests of protection on civil liberties and the new uncharted war on terrorism," said Janet Hetherwick Pumphrey, editor-in-chief of the Massachusetts Law Review.

The Massachusetts Law Review, which is published by the Massachusetts Bar Association, is one of the oldest bar journals in America.