Wanted: Program, project ideas for 2004

Issue February 2003

The MBA's Budget & Finance Committee is offering members the opportunity to submit ideas for programs, initiatives or projects that could be incorporated into the FY2003-2004 annual budget. A Budget Request Form (BRF) has been created for this purpose.

Ideas must be submitted for initial review and sponsorship to the appropriate committee chair or section council chair. For the project to be further considered, it must be sponsored by the chair and forwarded to the executive director of the MBA by Feb. 28.

Important FY2003-2004 Budget Dates

Feb. 14 - Submit Budget Request Forms (BRF) to chairs for FY2004 projects

Feb. 28 - Chairs forward BRFs to executive director

Feb. 24-March 28 - MBA staff develop budgets and submit to finance director

March 31-April 25 - Budgets reviewed by executive director

May 14 - Budget & Finance Committee begins budget review

June 5 - FY2004 budget submitted to Executive Management Board