MBA On Demand offers convenient program viewing

Issue April 2010

Now available on is a list of CLE programs for purchase through MBA On Demand. Purchases selected from the new online catalog will provide practitioners the opportunity to watch an MBA conference, seminar or roundtable from their home or office.

For practitioners unable to attend an MBA conference, seminar or roundtable, MBA On Demand provides an alternative to the in-person experience. To view MBA On Demand programs, visit

"The goal of MBA On Demand is to provide quality CLE programs to attorneys and staff statewide - when they want it, how they want it and where they want it," said MBA Education Co-Chair Alan J. Klevan.

Members who register for CLE programs, which have been recorded for MBA On Demand, will receive an enhanced resource package, including permanent links to the program's e-publication and On Demand presentation in their "My Resources" profile on This allows individuals who attended a program in person to access the MBA On Demand recording to revisit, as necessary, critical discussion topics anytime in the future.

MBA member Matthew Des Meules of Des Meules Law in Andover recently purchased "Distressed Property Bootcamp Session I: Short Sales" via MBA On Demand, which he watched at his office. Although Des Meules normally prefers to attend programs in person, he purchased the MBA On Demand program and watched in his office. He had an "immediate need" following a customer inquiry requiring him to "brush up on the material." With a small budget as the result of establishing his new practice, Des Meules was able to "pick and choose" the programs he preferred through MBA On Demand.

"In this virtual age, people do not want, nor do they need, to leave their offices to have access to services such as information, education and networking. This is the beauty of MBA on Demand," said MBA Education Co-Chair Marsha V. Kazarosian. "Not being able to attend a program in person is no longer an obstacle to benefiting from a program and its faculty." Kazarosian also notes that attorneys from mandatory CLE states, like neighboring New Hampshire, now have another option for satisfying credit requirements.

MBA seminars, conferences and roundtables available via MBA On Demand are accompanied by a video camera icon in the MBA's CLE monthly brochures and on the MBA Web site. Visit for continually added material available for purchase.