MBA Tiered Community Mentoring program holds networking event at Roxbury Community College

Issue March 2013 By Jennifer Rosinski

Accomplished professionals in the legal community shared their paths to success at the Tiered Community Mentoring Program Networking Event held at Roxbury Community College on Feb. 7.

The program, in its fourth year, matches up 10 practicing lawyers with more than two dozen students from high school, college and law school.

"Learn from people around you," said MBA Vice President Robert W. Harnais, a partner at the law firm of Mahoney, Diamond and Harnais Law Offices in Quincy.

Working in law offices while attending high school in Chicago helped open the Hon. Shannon Frison's eyes to a career in the law. She is now a judge at the Roxbury Division of Boston Municipal Court.

Keeana S. Saxon, deputy general counsel at the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, explained how she fell into a career in the law. A music major at Spellman College, Saxon took the LSATs while she was planning her career path following college. She learned that she loved it. "Being in law school was probably the best non-decision I ever made," Saxon said.

Other speakers included Roxbury Community College Professor Carol Liebman. The speaking program was followed by a speed networking event and question and answer session.

The Tiered Community Mentoring Program was the idea of Norfolk Probate and Family Court First Justice Angela M. Ordoñez. Its goal is to expose high school students to information about college, provide pre-law undergraduate students with information about the law school admission process and give law students with an inside view of the practice of law with their attorney mentors.

The program was honored with the 2011 ABA Partnership Award from the American Bar Association because of its commitment to diversity.