Revisit ‘Let’s Talk’ podcast for Well-Being Week in Law

Thursday, May 9, 2024

massbarbeatforeJIn honor of Well-Being Week in Law (May 6-10), the Massachusetts Bar Association invites members to listen to its 2023 MassBar Beat podcast episode: Let's Talk About Lawyer Well-Being.

If you’re working in the legal profession and struggling, it’s OK to ask for help. In this episode, host Jordan Rich moderates an important discussion about lawyer well-being with Amanda Rowan, an assistant clerk magistrate and co-chair of the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Lawyer Well-Being Committee; Rebecca Green Neale, an attorney in private practice; and Shawn Healy, PhD., a clinical psychologist with Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers. Hear personal accounts about some of the ways that lawyers and law students experience burnout, stress, vicarious trauma and other challenges, as well as some of the helpful resources available to lawyers and law students in Massachusetts.

Well-Being podcast

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